AET can offer both deep sea and short sea line services, with berths to worldwide locations. The short sea service transports different types of cargo to or from the Mediterranean area. The deep sea service’s core business is focused on the Atlantic trade, with links to West Africa, South America, North America and Canada.

Below you can find an overview of the different deep and short sea services we offer.

For RoRo units:
Stacking, jump-starting, lot formation, loading/discharging from train/truck/barge/coaster, weighing/re-measuring and labeling

For containers:
Stuffing, stripping, loading/discharging from train/truck/barge/coaster and inspection/repairs/empty storage provided by ACR

For breakbulk:
Loading/discharging from train/truck/barge/coaster, stuffing/stipping on/from mobil loading platform (mafi), labeling, weighing/re-measuring and boats/yachts.
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AET’s Cargo Freight Station is home to a 160-acre warehouse where we handle all types of cargo, including heavy lifts, paper reels, wood, iron and steel, and other types of general cargo and breakbulk. Our large capacity means we can meet the many different customer requirements.

At AET we are specialized in different activities: stuffing / stripping containers, flats, mafi, bolster, sorting and shifting of cargo, cargo bundling, labeling, stacking of RoRo-units, stock management of sawn timber, loading/discharging from train/truck/barge, …

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As the largest multipurpose terminal in the port of Antwerp, and our ideal location, AET offers unrivalled connections to the main road, water and railway networks in Europe. As a result we can accept deliveries, and aid with onward transport via truck, train, barge or coaster. We play a pivotal role in keeping Europe’s trade moving, benefiting our customers, partners, and the community.

AET is able to process a wide variety of cargo types from containers and RoRo units to heavy lifts, breakbulk and project cargo. No challenge is too much for us. Thanks to our investment in shore-based handling machinery, such as reach stackers and tug masters, we are able to increase the flexibility in our daily operations and offer a better service to our customers. Whatever option you choose, at AET our well-trained personnel will handle your cargo with care at all times.

Our terminal has 4 gates, each catering to a specific cargo type:
Delivery of RoRo-units: Gate 2
Delivery of containers: Gate 4
Delivery of break-bulk: Gate 4

Please make sure to use the dedicated gate in order to guarantee smooth operations.

When delivering cargo to our Cargo Freight Station please make sure to pre-announce your truck.
Please send your pre-announcement to at least 24hrs in advance (or 48hrs for cargo +40 tons).

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As well as being home to the majority of the vessels from the Grimaldi Group, AET is also the main distribution centre for car brands such as Fiat, Ford and Renault. This makes AET a crucial link between the Grimaldi Group and its major customers. At AET, new cars can get the necessary care and treatment through our Vehicle Processing Center (VPC). On the customer’s demand, vehicles can be inspected, modified, labeled, etc before their final transport.

When vehicles are ready for transport to the end customer, AET sorts the vehicles per lot to ensure a smooth processing and pick-up. Our excellent transport networks allow for easy and swift delivery to any final destination.
In addition to the import of new cars, there are also a lot of cars that are being exported through AET. This is mainly for the second hand market to West Africa.

If you need any additional information about the operations of our car terminal, please contact us by sending an email to or (depending on the final destination of your vehicle).
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Our opening hours 
New vehicles: monday – friday: 6h00 – 19h00
Used vehicles: monday – friday: 6h00 – 20h00


Our Vehicle Processing Center (VPC) can provide a full and specialized service for any vehicle. With an operating area of 8000 m², our VPC is equipped with the latest technologies and materials for vehicle processing. Our highly trained staff can assist with any repair, treatment or assembly your vehicle may require.

Repair service

Our repair service is specialized in repairing all kinds of damages to your vehicle. Our expert staff can assist with spot and smart repairs, PDR, polishing, bodywork, and any other type of repair.

Pre-delivery Inspection
New cars can be fully prepared for delivery to the end-customer: cars can be waxed, washed, dried, labeled – whatever you need. In addition, we can offer assistance with pre-shipment inspection in case this is required.

Mechanic service
Our highly trained mechanics know their way around any car. From assemblies to the installation of accessories, mechanical repairs to the placing of leather interiors, our staff will rise to any challenge you present them.
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our values

At AET we strive to go above and beyond expectations, ensuring premium quality and service for our customers to maximise their potential. Our values are deeply rooted in our company’s culture and influence our daily work.

At AET our customers come first. Together with you we try to find the best option for your cargo needs. As a customer you can rely on our high-quality service, with a special view on your needs, making AET the most reliable shipping partner.

Our commitment to excellence means that at AET we go the extra mile… no special request is too much for us. We offer custom-made solutions at the highest possible quality and service. Our main focus is not what we do, but how we do it.

We believe in the power of teamwork and innovation. Our enthusiastic and qualified teams continuously strive to improve our productivity and efficiency. At AET we breathe innovation, and are constantly looking for ways to improve our services and operations.